HEPA Air Purifier Australia

HEPA Air Purifier Australia: 3 Ways An Aether LED Troffer Can Be Mounted 

Are you looking for a HEPA air purifier in Australia that can be installed into a new or existing Brisbane commercial space with ease?  Armitage Electrical is proud to be your local qualified electrical team who are among the first to be fitting the latest, dual-purpose lighting and air purification technology in one streamlined ceiling…

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Pierlite's Aether LED Troffer

Pierlite Aether LED Troffer Now Available in Brisbane | New Air Purifying and Light Technology  

Pierlite’s Aether LED Troffer offers the latest technology in air purification and lighting for commercial properties – and is now available in Brisbane, fully installed by Armitage Electrical.   While Covid-19 restrictions have disappeared, the virus is still circulating – so do how do you ensure your staff and clients are safe inside your commercial premises?  …

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