EV Home Charger Installation

Do you want the convenience of charging your electric car at your home or office whenever you want? If you do, enlist the help of a qualified and licensed electrician, like Armitage Electrical, to carry out your EV home charger installation.

Our trusted team is based on Brisbane’s northside and can help you pick the right car charging station for your needs and budget, and ensure it is set it up properly and safely for you.

Plus, we’ll also ensure your domestic charger complies with Australian standards and regulations.

Find out more about our installation process, EV charger requirements and cost below, or get in touch with us today.

Benefits of Residential EV Charging Stations

Having an EV charging station installed at your home or office means your car is ready to use when you need it and you don’t need to find a charging station when you’re on the road and wait there for your vehicle to power up.

EV Charger Installation Requirements

The requirements depend on what type of charger is being installed.

There are different levels of charging, from a slow trickle charge usually overnight (which comes standard with some cars and can plug into general power outlets), or fast charging stations for single phase and 3 phase power.

Depending on your existing install we can select an option that is best suited to your needs or provide an upgrade so you are not limited.

EV Home Charger Installation Brisbane

When you select home chargers that need to be hardwired into your home or businesses’ electricity, you really need an insured and licensed electrician to carry out the installation safely.

The installation process will differ depending on which type of charger is being set up, but will typically follow the below steps:

  1. Site visit and consultation:

Our team will need to inspect your property to determine which charger is best for the amount of space you’ve got. At this time, we’ll also determine what electrical upgrades are needed.

  1. Quote given:

We will provide a quote based on our conclusions from our assessment of your property.

  1. Installation:

Once the quote has been accepted, we can begin our installation. In some cases, pre-wiring of the charger may take a day or two.

Installation involves running a dedicated circuit from switch board to charging terminal. This comes with its own safety switch and wall isolator for safety.


Do you need an electrician to install an EV charger?

Yes, for insurance and safety purposes it is essential to have all EV chargers installed by licenced electricians. We are also able to offer guidance about the best charging options for your needs.

What types of EV chargers can Armitage Electrical install?

We have plenty of experience installing Tesla chargers for Brisbane residents and can install other brands like VW as well.

How much does it cost to install an EV charger at home?

Installation costs vary, however, the minimum charge for 15amp outlet on dedicated circuit would be $385inc GST. 3 phase fast charging stations start from $880 inc GST.

Why choose us?


All-inclusive upfront pricing.


Exceptional attention-to detail.


Qualified, licensed, and insured.


NO call out fee!


Trustworthy, professional and reliable.


On time, and on budget.

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If you’re ready to add a convenient EV charger at your home or business, the licensed and insured electricians at Armitage Electrical are more than happy to help!

Please reach out to us today to discuss your electrical vehicle charging station needs.

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