Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane

Ducted air conditioning is a discreet and efficient way to keep your Brisbane home or business at the optimal temperature throughout every season.

And the qualified and licenced electricians at Armitage Electrical can help you to achieve round-the-clock comfort by installing a new ducted system at your North Brisbane property.

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Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

A ducted air con system may seem like a large investment, but there are many perks to choosing this option to both heat and cool your property.

  • Due to the design of ducted systems, you’re less likely to feel air drafts (this is great for those working from home and can help to prevent dry eyes).
  • There’s more flexibility with the position of vents as they are mounted on ceilings rather than walls.
  • Plus, smaller internal vents which are less obtrusive than indoor split system units.
  • Better spread of air via vents, split systems are not designed to spread air around corners.
  • Zoning means you can choose which parts of your property to heat or cool.
  • The ability to have every room/area cooled rather than main areas like master bed/lounge room. This benefit is great for when visitors are over or rooms are being used/not used.
  • It can be more efficient and cost effective than running multiple slit system units at one time.
  • Your street appeal won’t suffer as they have only one visible outdoor unit.
  • Cheaper ongoing servicing costs as only servicing one unit as opposed to multiple units.
  • A ducted air conditioning system can help you to achieve a higher price when selling or renting because it is perceived as being more “upmarket”

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Ducted air conditioning is a discreet and efficient way to keep your Brisbane home or business at the optimal temperature throughout every season.

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What warranty comes with the systems?

Nearly all brands come with a 5-year warranty on their product and there is a 12-month warranty on the installation.

How long does it take to install ducted air conditioning?

It takes between two and three days for our experienced team members to install a ducted air conditioning system.

What zoning systems should we go with?

While there are many effective zoning systems on the market, our preferred option is the Polyaire Zone Touch v2 control system.

What are the advantages of three phase AC?

Benefits of 3 phase units include:

  • Higher efficiency while unit is running.
  • Save money on running cost.
  • Spread across power supply – no overload
  • Unlimited capacity

Transform your Brisbane home

With Ducted Air Conditioning

If you’re looking for round-the-clock comfort at your Brisbane property, there’s no better investment than ducted air conditioning.