Smoke Alarm Installation Brisbane

Book a licensed electrician to install or replace your smoke alarms Brisbane and ensure your property is compliant with new Queensland legislation.

Did you know there are new state regulations being rolled out which will require smoke alarms in ALL dwellings to be interconnected and photoelectric by 2027, and if hardwired they’ll need to be connected to the electricity supply.

The team of trusted professionals at Armitage Electrical are able to replace or install smoke alarms at your Brisbane home or business. Plus, we’re across all the current legislation and will ensure your property is complaint.

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Smoke Alarm Services

Smoke Alarm Installation Brisbane

It’s no secret that smoke alarms save lives. But did you know, if you’re having hardwired alarms installed, it’s mandatory to enlist a licensed electrical to carry out the job.

The team at Armitage Electrical knows where to place smoke alarms in your property – including special requirements for sloped ceilings and stairwells – to ensure your dwelling is safe and compliant with current legislation.

Smoke Alarm Replacement

Not sure if your smoke alarm needs replacing? The licensed professionals at Armitage Electrical can help.

You’ll need to replace your existing smoke alarm if:

  • It doesn’t operate when tested.
  • It was manufactured more than 10 years ago.

From January 2017, all smoke alarms that are replaced in existing dwellings must be photoelectric and comply with AS3786-2014. If your existing alarms are hardwired, your new alarms will also need to be hardwired.

Smoke Alarm Maintenance QLD

Maintaining a smoke alarm is vital for the safety of a property’s occupants.

For landlords it’s a legal requirement to maintain smoke alarms in your rental property. Tenants are also legally required to test and clean a smoke alarm at least once a year.

If you’ve tested your alarms and they’re not working, you’ll need to seek a professional electrician’s help to install a new and complaint alarm as soon as possible.

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Smoke Alarm Installation Brisbane

Are you searching for a licensed electrician to install new smoke alarms at your Brisbane property or replace existing ones?

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What is the legislation for smoke alarms in Queensland?

New smoke alarm legislation is being rolled out across Queensland, with regulations already in place for existing dwellings.

From 2027 smoke alarms in ALL dwellings need to:

  • Be less than 10 years old,
  • Operate when tested
  • Be Photoelectric (AS 3786-2014)
  • Be interconnected with all other smoke alarm in a dwelling to ensure they all activate together

They also should not contain an ionisation sensor.

Find out more at the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services website.

Read our full blog here.

What is a photoelectric smoke alarm?

Photoelectric smoke alarms are able to recognise visible particles of combustion. They are said to respond to smoky fires faster than other types of alarms.

How many smoke alarms do you need in a house in QLD?

From 2027, smoke alarms will need to be installed on every storey of a dwelling, in every bedroom as well as in hallways that connect bedrooms. Find out more here.

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