Negative Pressure Rooms for Dental Clinics

Are you looking to install a negative pressure room in your Brisbane dental clinic?

Negative pressure rooms can help to protect healthcare workers, including dentists, and immunocompromised patients from contaminated airborne particles and infectious patients.

They do this by ensuring any potentially contaminated particles are kept within the room before the air is extracted and cleaned.

At Armitage Electrical, we are able to install an inline ceiling exhaust fan to create a negative pressure environment, or to change the air over between every appointment.

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What is a Negative Pressure Room?

Air pressure inside these rooms, which are also called isolation rooms, is lower than the air pressure outside them. That prevents contaminated air from escaping the room and entering more populated parts of your facility when the door is opened.

Within the room itself, exhaust systems are used to extract any contaminated air. These can include built-in filters to clean the air prior to it being released outside.

Filtered air, which isn’t contaminated, is pushed back into the negative pressure room.


Client Testimonial

“It was a pleasure working with Armitage Electrical to create our Foundation Dental “Fresh Air” initiative – where every patient enters a clinic with their own ‘air space’. The clinic air being changed over between every appointment using a high speed, high volume exhaust system. Not only does this minimise any aerosol transmission risk from dental procedures – it also protects the dental staff who often see a large number of patients in any one day.

The system is on a timer that can remove the air volume in an average surgery in only 10 minutes. In addition, if needed, the system can be run continuously during the delivery of treatment to create a “negative pressure” environment. The system is easy to install (one day), relatively quiet and is enthusiastically applauded by the patientswho feel much safer and confident in attending their appointments at the Foundation Dental Service HUB facilities.

The “fresh air” system is a very economical way for dentists, doctors and allied health professionals to improve their transmission-based precautions and enhance the protection of both patients and staff during these troublesome times due to COVID-19 and other airborne pathogens.”

– John C – Foundation Dental Services

Inclusions for Negative Pressure Rooms for Infection Control

  • Supply and install inline ceiling exhaust fan which is ducted to the exterior of the building
  • We use zone monitor control to prevent any incoming air conditioning from entering surgeries, and to create a negative pressure environment.
  • We can set zone controls on a timer, minimum of 10 mins to clear a 4m x 4m room of all existing air.
  • We install butterfly backflow vents, to prevent contaminated air from re-entering the building.
  • We conduct air flow test for pressures under normal conditions and exhausted conditions for each surgery.
  • For each installation we supply a form 15 compliance certificate for building design or specification
  • We also supply a form 16 inspection certificate/aspect certificate/QBCC Licensee aspect certificate for each install

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